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Balance between livelihoods and lives in Covid-19 times

by biasharadigest

It is more than 100 days since the first case of Covid-19 was reported in Kenya. The battle against the pandemic was vigorous in the beginning, but the vigour and the passion has been reducing as the days go by. According to a recent research by Info Track, a large number of people across the country are no longer in favour of the daily updates given by the Ministry of Health concerning the spread of Covid-19.

Many people claim the reports are alarming and discouraging. Yet another research by TIFA indicated that 76 per cent of Kenyans are ready to go for voluntary Covid-19 tests while 23 per cent fear the shocking results they might get hence would avoid the test.


 Also, 9 per cent of the population fear being taken to quarantine while another 9 per cent fear the stigma that might result from testing positive.

Although 69 per cent would accept voluntary quarantine after testing positive, 74 per cent of the people confirmed that they would hide their results from their families.

Researchers had warned that by the end of April this year, we would be having more than 5,000 positive Covid-19 cases.


But following the strict measures that were put in place across the country, the country is experiencing manageable numbers, though cases have been increasing. A wave of fear and tension is sweeping across the country, given that we are ill-prepared to face the pandemic.

Now that we are heading towards the peak of the pandemic, there is reason to worry since most counties do not have enough facilities in hospitals. This means that we shall have to raise our vigilance and take personal initiative.


It has been confirmed that a large percentage of Covid-19 positive people across the country are asymptomatic. Mass testing of people has not been achieved, considering that there are still not enough testing kits.

We have to consider other issues arising alongside the pandemic when it comes to balancing between lives and livelihoods. Parents have to take their responsibilities seriously and handle the cases of teenage pregnancies, suicide and drug abuse among the youth. Parents have failed to impart life skills to their children.

It is true that we are all struggling due to the pandemic. But we ought to understand that we cannot undergo lockdown forever. At one point businesses, schools, churches and travel will have to resume. Before we return to normalcy, we have to stay healthy so as to win the battle against Covid-19.


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