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10 manners your kids should learn

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Teaching your kids good manners is your major role as a parent (Shutterstock)

One of the best things a parent can do for their children is to teach them good manners.


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That responsibility should not be left to the teachers, caregivers and definitely not the TV. As a parent this is your major role. Other than providing and being a protector to your kids, you need to teach them how to behave.

They have to learn how to coexist with others in this world and those good values should be instilled in early childhood.

1.Good table manners

Teach them basic habits like chewing with their mouth closed, how to use a fork and knife and other forms of table etiquette.

They also need to learn how to handle themselves when they’re over at a friend’s or relative’s house while eating.

2.How to say please and thank you

So many kids have found themselves in the trap of entitlement. It mostly happens when they’ve been spoiled too much and they feel like they deserve everything on a silver platter.


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The basic courtesy of saying please and thank you is something everyone should know.

3.How to apologize

Children can also sense when they’re wrong. They’re not perfect but there are times when they need to say, ‘I’m sorry.’

They’ll slowly understand the importance of taking responsibility for their actions.

4.Good hygiene

Show them how to take care of themselves as far as hygiene is concerned. This involves proper cleaning when showering, grooming, washing hands after visiting the toilet, using handkerchiefs and how to cover their mouths when coughing or sneezing.

5.Proper communication skills


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Children also need to learn how to express themselves respectfully. They shouldn’t yell at people, curse, point or stare at others and fuss when someone has a different opinion from theirs.

This will give them a good foundation on social ques.

6.Respect for elders

Unfortunately, so many young people lack basic respect for their elders in today’s world. It’s regarded as cool to behave indecently for the sake of impressing friends.

Talking to your children about respecting their elders will ensure they coexist properly as they grow up.


This is also something that will help them make friends and have good relationships with others.

No child wants to grow up isolated and sad and part of the solution is to instill values like kindness and generosity.

8.Online etiquette

The first step you need to take before allowing them to have social media is to educate them on how to behave in the online space.

It’s no longer surprising to see children with thousands of followers on Instagram and that means we’re truly in a new era. With that comes a lot of responsibility. They shouldn’t bully others or post inappropriate content.


You can’t always monitor every move they make. You can, however enforce good values like self-control.

So when you’re not around at any point, they’ll know how to think critically about situations and use their inner wisdom.

10.How to accept others

Many children learn intolerant values from their own homes. When they interact with others, they reflect those same values.

They might start making fun of disabled people they come across or show signs of racism and discrimination at an early age.

Teaching them how to accommodate others will bring a lot of positive change in the world.

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