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Wambui Collymore: Bob’s Ashes Were Spread Into The Sea In Diani

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Late Safaricom boss Bob Collymore’s widow Wambui Collymore has finally disclosed where the family chose to be his resting place.

During an interview with Daily Nation, the beauty revealed the former CEO’s ashes were spread in Diani, Kwale county.




Wambui described the beach and ocean as Bob’s favourite place in the whole world. His ashes were dispersed in the Indian ocean in an intimate ceremony.

The widow said his family and friends all over the world could therefore feel his presence whenever they were near a sea.




“Bob’s ashes were deposited into the sea in Diani. Diani was his favourite beach in the whole world, so we thought it best to put his ashes in the sea there,” the art gallery owner said.

The CEO’s wife fondly remembered her late husband as a man of principles who was kind, funny and charming.




Wambui gladly admitted that her husband never reached out for his phone whenever he woke up in the morning. She also urged people to be like him and exercise every day so they could build a body they wanted to live in. Bob died of cancer aged 61 back in July 2019.

She also told the Daily Nation the struggles that she has gone through since Bob died.




From the day her husband Bob Collymore had shivers and she thought it was malaria, to the moment medics pumped harsh drugs into his system trying to kill cancerous cells, to the day his body was placed in a crematorium as per his wishes – and up to the present moment.

Now, something in her body seems to be tinkering with her sense of smell, she says. After the death of her husband on July 1 last year, her ability to smell has never been the same. In March, she tweeted that the sense disappeared for “a number of months”.




Wambui has spent the past one year thinking about the good times with Bob, a man who loved art and music, hated corruption and tried all he could to keep a healthy work-life balance.

“In Bob I found somebody who was like me, in that we like to call it as it is. And because he called it as it is, it wasn’t easy to derail him. And I liked his honesty. And because he was honest, it meant that the people around him had no room to be dishonest around him. And that’s why he could call out corruption,” she says.




The Guyana-born CEO was in 2017 flown to the UK for treatment for Acute Myeloid Leukemia where he stayed for nine months before his return in June 2018.

His condition worsened a couple of weeks before he passed away. Prior to his demise, the bubbly character beat the disease twice but the third wave made him weak and took every ounce of strength left in him.

Here are some of the reactions from Kenyans who celebrated Bob on his birthday

“Today I remember and celebrate the life of Robert “Bob” Collymore, who recently lost the battle to cancer. Robert was a Guyanese business executive who moved to Kenya to manage Safaricom, the most innovative telecoms and tech company in Africa today. He became the most beloved CEO the company has ever had. I am a firm believer in being principled in business, as well as being respectful to everyone you work with from the janitor to the CEO. This is something Robert “Bob” Collymore applied in his day-to-day management of the most profitable and admired telco company in East Africa. What values do you believe make a good CEO? #bobcollymore #robertcollymore #safaricom #kenyanbusinessmen #guyana #guyanabusinessmen #innovators #telco #mpesa #cancer” posted by iam.ajm

A tribute to the late Bob Collymore and an explanation about what acute myeloid leukemia is in easy to understand, everyday language. Link in bio. #BobCollymore

He would have been turning 62 today. We miss you Bob, keep resting with the angels.#BobCollymore#choiceradio

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