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‘Trying to be relevant on Instagram?’ Fan tasks Wahu to explain her caption

by biasharadigest

Once in a while, gospel musician, Wahu Kagwi, takes to her social media pages to encourage her fans through inspirational quotes.

Other times, she just posts cute photos of her family as well as posts just to attract fun banter.

However, on Thursday, one female fan was not gonna let Wahu shine with her inspirational quote. Seems like she was not really inspired.

The fan tasked Mrs. Mathenge to explain or rather expound on her quote, after throwing a difficult and tricky question in Wahu’s direction.

Wahu’s quote read,

When going through a rough season, be it in your career, your marriage, school..anything, the question not to ask is “why me”. Instead ask what you’re supposed to learn from the season. Nothing happens for nothing. Be encouraged.
Enjoy your afternoon

The fan by the username, Ruth Wanjohn commented,

Ruth wanjohn : It doesn’t always have a lesson. Do you know what hardship is or u r just trying to be relevant on Instagram. Do you know there are people who struggle till they die now tell us the lesson 🤣🤣🤣

Wahu was clearly not in the mood for a back and forth, brushed her off with a cheeky response.

She wrote,

Really?? Oh my!! Thank you for enlightening me! I wouldn’t have been clueless about this until my death! What would I ever have done without you! 🙄

So guys, do you think Wahu really handled this well or maybe the fan made a good point?

Let us know!

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