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5 Kenyan male celebs who can make convincing preachers (PHOTOS)

by biasharadigest

As days pass by, preachers are mushrooming from all corners of the world in the name of spreading the gospel.

Although not all are real, at least there is quite a good number who have stuck to the word of God and are transforming the lives of many in the world.

A new crop of men masquerading in the name of bishops, pastors, prophets have cropped up lately and are in this ‘gospel’ mission for the business.

They will do anything just to extract money from their congregations. Could this be a sign that of the end times are nigh?

Well, let’s leave the “fake” preachers aside, I came up with a list of the top 5 most influential Kenyan male celebs who can make good preachers.

They have a large following, are role models to many, they are famous and of course, they have the voice.

From Maina Kageni the radio king to Mzazi Willy M Tuva these are the Kenyan entertainment big wigs who can make good preachers.

1. Maina Kageni

Ever heard Maina on the radio promoting ads? Even if you don’t like what he is advertising, you will definitely fall in love with the item and have a second thought about it.

Maina Kageni who hosts the Classic FM morning show alongside his protagonist Mwalimu King’ang’i has been able to attract a huge fanbase.

In case Maina decides to switch careers and become a pastor, for sure he will make a good one.

He has a sweet voice that can attract a large congregation more than that of the pastors we see on TV. Maina is also rich and so he will not have time to ask for tithe.

Unless ujitolee tuu.

2. Willis Raburu

The Citizen TV presenter has all it takes to become a pastor in Kenya.

His personality, charisma and of course his great voice will attract a large crowd even if he was to call for a crusade at Uhuru Park for a day.

His dress code also tells it all, naive Kenyans tend to believe pastors who dress in suits.

3. Jeff Koinange

Can you imagine Jeff Koinange preaching at your church, how would the service be?

Jeff Koinage who is one of the most imitated personality around can make a better preacher.

His gift of gab has become his signature across the world. The filthy rich media personality will attract many people; just like Maina Kageni, Jeff will not demand tithe but just your attention.

Utalipia service tuu bila kupenda.

4. Mzazi Willy M Tuva

His charismatic smile, his sparkling eyes and hard work has won him many hearts and followers.

Mzazi Willy M Tuva who has always been on the forefront to help promote and raise local talents, can make a good preacher, and in that case, a Swahili pastor.

The fast spitting Swahili sanifu presenter of the Mambo Mseto Show would gain millions of followers if he were to start a church today.

From toddlers to adults, they would flock his church every Sundays.

5. Chipukeezy

Comedian Chipukeezy can be classified as one of the fastest-rising celebrities in local showbiz.

The funnyman who is known for his “Kamba rhymes’, can make a good preacher as he is popular among the Kamba community.

His voice, jokes and courage will sell for him as a convincing preacher.

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