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‘Young Lion,’ Nazizi celebrates son’s 10th birthday in style

by biasharadigest

Ten years ago, rapper Nazizi gave birth to a son, Tafari Firoz. The all grown up child celebrated this decade with close family at an occasion whose decor was done by her mother.

Nazizi took to social media to celebrated her young lion

Give thanks to the most high. Despite the pandemic we were able to celebrate @tafari_firoz 10TH birthday at home. It was definitely different without all the kids running around shouting aunty NAZ!! Thanks to my family for all the support in raising the young Lion. Love you all.
Also check out my decor. I’m super proud of how it came out .

In another post, she shared a video of Tafari when he had just been born

’10 yrs ago at 1pm I delivered a baby boy. His 15 mins old in this video.
Now how did the time fly by ??? I love you son may you have many more Inshallah . Happy 10th birthday’

Happy Birthday to the young man.

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