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I caught my sister in bed with my husband in the middle of the night

by biasharadigest

When someone sleeps with your husband, it is very hurtful but when that person is your sister, that is a different kind of hurt and pain. I know this because it happened to me some few weeks ago.

It all started when my sister lost her job and since she did not have any money to pay for rent or food, she requested my hubby and I to come and stay with me before she got a job. I was happy to help her because at the end of the day, she was family. She moved in with me a few days later and I brought the extra bed we had in the sitting room so that she could sleep there as we lived in a one-bedroomed house.

Three days after she moved into our house, I started realizing that my sister was sort of trying to capture my husband’s attention with short skirts and tops. Whenever it was my husband’s time to come home, she would change her dressing and my husband would spend the whole time staring her thighs.

I thought of asking my sister to leave but my hubby vehemently refused and said that he wanted her to stay. My suspicions grew stronger by the day and I knew they were having sex behind my back but all I had to do was to catch them right in the act.

I shared my suspicions with a colleague at work and he told me to contact Doctor Mugwenu who would help me teach them a lesson. He gave me his number and I called the doctor and ordered a locking spell which would glue them right in the act during the act. He asked me to see him the day that followed so that I could get the spell.

I went to his workplace in Nairobi, and he cast the sticking spell and I was so excited about that as the spell would work within 24 hours. I went home and found my sister in a very seductive dress that left nothing to the imagination. I felt so pissed that I went straight to bed.

In the middle of the night, I was awoken by screams coming from the sitting room and upon reaching there, I found my husband and sister naked and stuck in each other. They were so embarrassed and in so much pain. My hubby begged me to forgive him and since I still loved him, I decided to give him a second chance but I chased my sister out of my house.

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