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Sugar mummy stole my boyfriend

by biasharadigest

My name is Mary and I was dating a guy called Brian whom I loved so much. Brian and I had dated for around three years and we were so in love with each other. I had always pictured a good life with him because he always promised me that we would get married to each other.

A week ago, I was at my place and I got bored and I decided to go surprise him in his apartment so that we could have some nice couple time. Unlike other times, I did not inform him of my visit because I wanted to surprise him. My hopes were built in the air on we would have an awesome night together.

I arrived at his place at around 9pm and my excitement changed into disappointment after I found female shoes on the door. I instantly knew something fishy was going on in that house. I quietly opened the door since it was not locked and while in the sitting room, I heard some sexual moans coming from the bedroom.

“I love the way you are thick and sexy than my girlfriend and you are even better than her!” I heard my boyfriend say to a woman I came later to learn was a sugar mummy. I was so furious that I stormed in the room ready to beat the hell out of them.

The sugar mummy was stronger than me and she instead ended up beating me and together with my boyfriend, they humiliated me and sent me away.

“She is thicker and better than you in bed,” my boyfriend shouted at me while throwing me out of his house. I cried so hard on my way home and after reaching home, I shared with my neighbour what had transpired. She told me not to worry since she knew a traditional herbalist by the name Doctor Mugwenu who would help me teach my boyfriend and the sugar mummy a lesson.

I called the doctor and he agreed to meet me a day after. I went to his workplace in Nairobi where he cast a spell of plagues which would make life unbearable for my boyfriend and his sugar mummy. A day after my visit to Doctor Mugwenu, the sugar mummy gave me a call and said she had wounds all over her body and said she was sorry for messing me. My boyfriend also apologised to me after he said he was being accosted by invisible sounds.

I told them to send me KSh 20,000 for the humiliation they had taken me through. They sent the money and the doctor also reversed the spell. I dumped the boyfriend later on and I am now enjoying a healthy relationship.

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