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“Mimi nishaidate njege!” Miracle baby shares stories of his police officer girlfriend

by biasharadigest

Kartelo has to be given credit for his radio show dubbed; Rieng Radio that has been doing quite well on YouTube!

For those who have come across the videos already understand how lit the show is; and now that Sailor’s Miracle baby aka Peter has partnered as the co host; these two boys continue to entertain fans and the Youths through their show.

What makes Rieng Radio unique is the fact that these young men have been sharing experiences of life in the hood; and for the cool who have never seen this side of life may think they (Kartelo and Miracle) get their ideas from movies.

In their latest episode dubbed police brutality Kartelo as usual drops his one two jokes before Peter Miracle baby reveals that he dated a police woman.

Nick Chege aka Kartelo

Living as a police woman’s boyfriend

According to Miracle baby, he dated a female cop back in  the day but it wasn’t so easy! For the first he narrated his story saying;

Mimi nikuwa nadate dame karao before nikue snitch. unachecki jo wanakuanga very demanding! Anaeza kuja akuambie mara moja.

However according to Kartelo, the woman Miracle baby is talking about was in the KDF and not armed forces! As much as this sounds as a joke, in the comment section a few fans felt that the confession might have been true.

Unlike what many know is that some few of these young men from the ghetto end up getting involved with cops; but this never gets out to the public.

Although the two could have shared more information on the topic,it appears that they opted not to; probably for security reasons. Anyway checkout the detailed post below courtesy of Kartelo’s channel.

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