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Finally! Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol walk down the aisle (PHOTOS)

by biasharadigest

Anerlisa Muigai and Ben Pol had really kept their in-laws waiting for the day they will finally say I do in front of the church, family and friends.

We all know the two like to keep such news very private. Their traditional wedding was private but it leaked and today photos from their wedding have leaked.

Benpol and Anerlisa

It appeared to be a very beautiful ceremony based on the blue-green and white colours. We know Anerlisa likes it elegant and this ceremony was nothing short of that.

The story broke out after a certain cake house, Mom Gemin posted that they were happy to make Anerlisa and Ben’s cake.

“we were honored to do#anna and #benpol wedding cake yesterday. Thanks a lot Anerlisa” The captioned a picture of the cake

They later altered the caption and wrote,

Made with so much love ❤️! We had hours of making handy made edible sequins! When the customer says “I know you can make this” akili inaruka hasa kama materials hakuna and it’s short notice! Thanks to my team! We had 3 sleepless nights to achieve these! Thousands of sequins were made out of gumpaste!

My guess is as good as yours. They were probably told to edit the caption because they announced a very big story that was not theirs to tell.

Facts about Anerlisa and Ben Pol’s relationship you did not know

The tea master Edgar Obare thanks to the help of his paparazzi fans, shared pictures from the ceremony. Seeing as how Anerlisa and Ben Pol are very private, there must be one Judas in their lives that leaked the pictures.

We are not complaining because now we know, the deal is finally sealed.

This ceremony comes days after her sister, Tecra Muigai passed in a tragic accident. This has so many people condemning Anerlisa saying she should still be in mourning. But for how long?

Here are pictures courtesy of Edgar from the ceremony:

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