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Ni mrembo! Meet Maria actor Sofia’s mother Kanini who acts as a witch

by biasharadigest
Maria actor Kanini

Alice Mari popularly known as Kanini on Citizen TV’s Maria series is a multitalented actor.

Kanini plays the role of Sofia’s mother and is known for her love for black magic.

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She hates Maria, the young orphaned girl from the slum, who is driving Luwi (Sofia’s husband) crazy.

She uses charm to compel Luwi’s to love her daughter Sofia only and not Maria.

Actress Kanini

She doesn’t want Luwi to marry Maria and its predictable at the end of the series her powers will fade and the lovebirds will end up together.

Luwi and Maria

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Below are photos of the fierce Kanini, go through

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Actress KaniniActress Kanini

Maria actors
Maria and Kanini

She has acted in other local shows but many associate her with the role of a witch she played in Maria. Check out comments from Maria’s fans

sunny_baibe Your so talented hio character ya uchawi imekufit vipoa sana.

fadedniccur001 I love the way kanini acts as a witch.

micah.mutinda Kumbe ur too beautiful ile time haurogi?? 😂

veroh_james 😂😂😂you have bewitched William completely

lumi_the_don My best act of all times💪

bobhenry602 Kanini we hutisha sana baana…

milidredmercy Mama kachawi wee hunitetemesha Sana😂

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