Home ENTERTAINMENT ‘Unakuanga umeweza,’ Betty Kyallo admits her mad love for Redsan

‘Unakuanga umeweza,’ Betty Kyallo admits her mad love for Redsan

by biasharadigest

Media personality Betty Kyallo says her celebrity crush is Redsan. Speaking on her YouTube channel with her younger sister and cousin, Betty challenged them to mention their local celebrity crush.

Betty said she has always had a crush on Redsan, one of the best ragga and dancehall artistes in East Africa.

“I hope he doesn’t watch this, but he is my crush. There is a time I interviewed him in Eldoret and I was like, you guy! You know, there is a way he just sits and looks at you, you know he is like, eeh,” she said.

Betty added that despite the fact that crushing on someone doesn’t come to reality, she appreciates that Redsan remains her crush.

“Redsan, manze, unakuanga umeweza, bro,” she said.


Betty then advised that elder siblings should involve their younger siblings in their hustles. “It is important for them to learn your hustle and how to stand for themselves. Take them out with you not just to eat but to see where you get money from,” she said.

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