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‘Love is the secret to my beauty’ Nick Mutuma’s wife Bridget Shighadi reveals

by biasharadigest

Bridget Shighadi is glowing as you have been seeing on social media and of course the trending show, Maria.

Her simple secret is two things, money and love. Love from her boo thang Nick Mutuma and we are guessing because that kind of love glows differently.

She took to social media a gorgeous picture of her and captioned that someone asked her the secret behind her beauty.

“Someone asked me today what’s the secret behind my beauty or beauty in general
I randomly told him ‘money + Love’ (God above all of course)” Bridget said


Bidget and Nick are not big on discussing their relationship and their family life but from the few pictures and videos we see of each of them with their daughter, she is healthy.

Baby Dua is all grown up, she even participates in TikTok videos with her mother. Nick Mutuma is proud to be a father and all this is evident in his posts of appreciation to Bridget and love for Dua.

Their daughter was born in Miami, Florida back when Nick and Bridget lived there, but a few months later Bridget and the baby reallocated back home to Kenya and Nick joined them to start their family.

Yummy mummy! Bridget Shighadi stuns months after giving birth

The news of her pregnancy came as a shock as many people didn’t know she was expecting let alone with Nick who we all thought was an ex.

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