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Chebet Ronoh shatters hearts with photos of her handsome new bae

by biasharadigest

Chebet Ronoh has been become a household name in the entertainment industry – thanks to her comedy videos shared on her page.

So far she has managed to attract her own fan base that supports her projects whether in good on bad times. This past weekend she however  left a few of her followers feeling some type of way after introducing the man she has been seeing.

As seen on the photos, Rono undeniably loves her man who we are yet to unmask; but all we know is that he is not a celebrity nor have we seen him on her page before.

Chebet Ronoh with bae

First serious relationship?

Well, Ronoh has been in the entertainment industry for quite a while now; however never have we ever seen any of her boyfriends shared on her page. So what makes this new one special?

Chances are that Miss Ronoh finally bagged herself a good man who she feels safe with; and just like her former workmate Tanasha Donna, she couldn’t help but introduce him to her online family.

Also judging from Rono’s facial expressions in the photos shared below, its evident that happiness does make one look younger indeed.

Ronoh’s new man

Benzema aka Alejandro

This is the latest bae months after Ronoh was linked to Ochungulo family artist Benzema David aka Alejandro Chief inspector. The two left many talking back in November 2019 when Alejandro posted a video on instagram kissing and then deleting it.

Many assumed they were an item on the low but turns out that it was yet another stunt for the gram; and just like with Ronoh, Alejandro has been giving many ladies sleepless nights after settling for Noti Flow.

Although the linked up for a new projects; there are those who feel that there is more to the story behind closed doors.

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