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‘Cerebral palsy has taught me so much…’ Anita Santuri pens touching message to son

by biasharadigest
Anita Santuri

Media personality Anita Santuri is one of the many mothers across the world raising a child living with cerebral palsy.

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Anita has won the hearts of many for the good work she’s doing and taking care of her son Emmanuel.

Anita Santuri
Anita Santuri with son

Celebrating his third birthday, Anita penned a touching message to her son, describing him as a warrior.

“Being born alive was a miracle 💓💓💓First week was a miracle, 1 yr was in my imagination, 2nd year was a dream….. Now 3rd year came as surprise 😍😍😍😍😍😘… You’ve beat your first doctors’ odds darling…. God I can’t thank you enough…. As we celebrate your 3rd birthday I only have three things to pray for … 1. Long life
2. Healing.
3. God to remove all the pains you go through every single day.

The rest Will follow cerebral palsy has taught me so much… Has taught me that nothing is impossible… I would not have ask for anything better than who you are my love…. Happy birthday @emanuel_jude254,” read her message.

Anita Santuri

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snaidermaureen Happy birthday hero @emanuel_jude254 may healing be your portion

shashaaline Happy birthday to Mr. Handsome, may the almighty God give him more life and good health.

wanjirulelleti Happy happy birthday to your son! He is a fighter and a strong one at that!!!! May God continue to guide you through your journey of motherhood as you exhibit strength from all that you are! Love and light!!

phieso_afficial happy birthday baby judee💖💖💖wi love u💖💖💖💖💖💖blessings

_agnesktl Happiest of birthday to the prince, may he celebrate many more full of health and love

donncmac This is just special 🙏 May the living GOD grant him PEACE and HAPPINESS ❤️ This young king he is a champion to many 🙏 Let this next step be OF greater MIRACLE 🙏 One day he will share his story Of HOPE and DETERMINATION 🙏 Happy Birthday

snaidermaureen Happy birthday hero @emanuel_jude254 may healing be your portion

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