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What they never tell you about becoming a mum

by biasharadigest
Behind that perfect motherhood and lifestyle being portrayed by many, many things are running behind the scenes (Shutterstock)

If you follow most pages on social media, you notice that the posts about motherhood and mothers mostly highlights the bliss. The children are well dressed in clean clothes, without a speck of dust or blemish. Everyone seems to be smiling.

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However, behind that perfect lifestyle being portrayed, there are so many things that run behind the scenes. Read on to get the real picture

Postpartum depression is real

Many women face it, get through it, while others succumb to its effects and we never know. This is because it’s a topic that isn’t dug deep into during discussions.

This type of depression occurs often to new mothers and involves someone having feelings of failure, suicidal thoughts, not wanting to bond with their baby and excess stress.

It also limits milk letdown in breastfeeding mothers.

Mostly, it can be aggravated by someone having no help around the house and baby care. This makes the mother go through burn out, stress and a road of depression.

For healing, one needs to seek psychological support and get support. It takes a village to bring up a baby.

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It can get lonely at times

Motherhood can make you lose your ‘non-mum’ friends at a very high rate.

As a result, it can get very lonely as you’ll be swallowed into a world of only your child and their care.

You’ll not have time to respond to calls as sooner as you would, especially when the child is a newborn.

If you are surrounded by a community that has no children around, you’ll feel very lonely and out of touch.

Nobody tells you how getting things turned up in the bedroom can be challenging after getting a baby (Shutterstock)

It takes time to love your body again

Giving birth slaps you with this loose stomach and baby fat that changes your whole outlook.

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Within the first year, you may be unable to go to the gym as well especially if you underwent a Caesarian section.

As a result, you’ll need to start appreciating your body again. It may be a battle at first, within yourself as you try out your old clothes which seem not to fit anymore.

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However, with time and investment on self-love, you can build that confidence again.

You’ll have to forget the night outs for a while

How will be able to go out when a newborn is crying and wants to cuddle? It’s hard, and when you defy that and go anyway, your breast will feel like you’re carrying a bag of cement thanks to milk letdown.

Being a mother may require you to sacrifice and forget about going to party all night. You’ll find yourself wanting more of family oriented spaces.

Until the child is old enough and you have a child caregiver you trust, staying indoors may be something you’ll have to do.

Feeling sexy can take time

Nobody tells you how getting things turned up in the bedroom can be challenging.

Depending on how you delivered, it will determine your body’s readiness to get steamy in the bedroom again. If went go through a caesarian section, you will need up to three months to heal well, whereas it’s six weeks if you had a normal vaginal birth.

Moreover, your hormones will have been imbalanced from the beginning of milk supply. All these will make feeling sexually attractive an uphill task.

However, with an understanding partner, you can wade through the season well.

These are just but a few insights of motherhood that many never hear. All in all, you can consider yourself more informed and ready for the motherhood journey. 

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