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The 5 types of followers you’ll encounter on Celeb’s comment section

by biasharadigest


For some unknown or rather weird reason, I always tend to run to the comment section, everytime my favorite celebrities post something.

Ok you may say I run looking for entertainment from their fans, probably check out the celebrities who are drooling over them or even any form of drama that may ensue over there.

So in my pilkapilka, I noticed a weird trend in almost every other celeb’s comment section.

Today I have decided to break down on the 5 types of followers who you will always find in those comment sections.

I took Diamond Platnumz and Akothee’s pages as my case study accounts and honestly Tanzanian and Kenyan followers are  simply twin version of the internet.

  1. The advertisers/ entrepreneurs

These followers will wait till when the post gathers some tractions then they will strike promoting all sorts of businesses.

From internet bundles to selling  their accounts, they don’t care at all and they would also post after every 10  minutes on the same post.

Below are a few examples;

Mr Bundle: Nakuunga na kifurushi bei ndogo sana, kuanzia GB 60 miezi 3 hadi GB 320

Followers Tz: Wanaohitaji kuongeza 10k followers wanich in box

Nauza account za insta: Anae hitaji account kuanzia ukubwa huu muitaji DM me halaka sana 10.2k 13.9k 16k 17.2k njoo dm tufanye biashara.


  1. The ‘Follow me I follow back’ battalion

These followers will always take advantage of any celebrity post and will run to look for followers using every clever line.

Below is an example

I am Akothee’s fan please follow me

  1. Haters

These are generally followers who look for any reason to hate on the comment section. Most of them do this just to look for followers or likes, nothing much.

Check out these two examples;

Wacha utoto na wewe ni mtu mzima 

Hiyo trouser yako ni tent sanaa


  1. Job/help seekers

The world is a cruel place and many people are struggling. Some followers follow their favorite celebs to seek any opportunity of having a better tomorrow.

They would openly ask for jobs while some even post their curriculum vitae.

Please madam I need a job pliz help me any kind of job I will do


  1. Legit fans

These followers are generally genuine fans who adore these celebrities and are always full of praise and positive vibes on the comment section.

Below are some of the posts that you may encounter on Akothee’s page;

Wow I really like your energy you are my role model. Love you

You are a blessing to our country

Akothee for women rep 2022

Mom always smart

Keep being blessed queen

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