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‘I got your back queen, ‘Eko Dydda pays tribute to his wife

by biasharadigest

Everyone can vividly remember how rapper Eko Dydda and his family had a tough period, which drew public outcry.

The gospel artist, was put in a government facility for a forced quarantine for 72 hours after he was arrested on his way back home where he had come from buying medication for his ailing wife.

On his way back, his car developed mechanical problems and in the process of fixing it he failed to beat the 7pm curfew and he found himself on the wrong side of the law.

Hiswife sent out a plea to help release him from what they termed as unlawful detention by the police in the name of quarantine.

Activists among them, Boniface Mwangi, celebrities and Kenyans joined hands in calling for his release thanks to his wife’s resilient push.

Weeks later, Eko Dydda has decided to pay tribute to his strong wife and queen.

Posting a photo of the two stunning in matching sweat pants, Eko promised to always have his queen’s back.

“When you know you have a queen, who got your back in all combats. I got your back too my queen,” he wrote.

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