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Homa Bay cartels recruit county commissioner in operations – Weekly Citizen

by biasharadigest

Homa Bay county commissioner David Kipkemei has been linked to suspicious operations surrounding the handling of Covid-19 disaster cash by the county government. Kipkemei is said to be a chief beneficiary of Covid- 19 disaster funds from the county government allocated for Covid-19 rapid response, thanks to the notorious cartels running affairs at the corruption-ridden Homa Bay county government, in the absence of the lameduck Governor Cyprian Awiti.

Isaiah Ogwe

Inside sources claim that Kipkemei has colluded with top county cartels and shared the loot from the county funds and in replacement of the same, the Sh10 million allocated as emergency funds with chief cartel Isaiah Ogwe, his lieutenant Nicholas Koriko and the henchman and director of disaster in the office of the governor Eliud Onyango laughed all the way to their respective residence with their loaded pockets.

David Kipkemei

The commissioner handed in the sanitisers, soaps and a few equipment from the national government for distribution to the public by county government officials to hoodwink the public that their local government is responsive to Covid-19. According to sources, no nonsense cabinet secretary Fred Matiang’i and office of the president have been put to red alert to execute urgent and necessary action. His transfer from Mt Kenya region swooping places with Herman Shambi was a blessing since Shambi was already marked as dangerous and stubborn as he could not tolerate the outright theft known for Homa Bay.

Nicholas Koriko

Shambi was categorised as a thorn in the flesh against the interest if cartels led by the untouchable Ogwe, whose word is law putting the governor at his mercy whom they always keep busy with a portion of looted cash. According to our investigator on the ground, Kipkemei exhibits similar weird characters of his distance third predecessor Farah Kassim who was shrewd in collecting protection fees every Thursday to the tune of Sh500,000 from the cartels. Kassim was prominently blamed over sham ODM gubernatorial primaries and subsequent IEBC elections which saw Awiti lost flat in all the seven constituencies out of eight in favour of his fierce competitor Oyugi agwanga in August 8 2017 general elections.

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