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Five people go into hiding after testing positive for Covid-19 : The Standard

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Governor Ali Hassan Joho at a press briefing in Mombasa [Photo, File Standard]

Five people from one family have gone into hiding after testing positive for Coronavirus in Old Town, Mombasa.

The five are alleged to have taken off with the rest of the family after getting the results. The five are among sixty five of those who were tested during mass testing in the county.
According to Mombasa Governor Ali Hassan Joho, police are on the lookout for the family and will face the course of law when found.
“Instead of these five who were tested positive coming to our facilities to get help they chose to run away. This is unheard of yet we have a government and the county government at their disposal to assist them,” said the governor.

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It is alleged that the five have sought refuge at a relatives place posing a threat to the unsuspecting family members.
“Covid-19 is not a curse, it is not a shame. It is not a criminal offense to get Covid-19 but the unfortunate bit about this disease is that it spreads in an unseen manner and becomes fatal when uncontrolled,” said a disheartened Joho.
The governor is now calling upon Mombasa residents to take charge by protecting themselves and seeking help from the hospital when confirmed that they have the virus.

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Old Town is now a high risk area following the huge numbers of Coronavirus cases reported from the area.
Yesterday, government locked down Nairobi’s Eastleigh and Mombasa Old Town for a period of 15 days. Eastleigh now has 77 confirmed cases becoming the area with most infections in Kenya while Old Town, Mombasa, has 57 cases.

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