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Eight things about the first year in motherhood

by biasharadigest
The first year of motherhood is filled with anxiety and learning to appreciate yourself in a different light (Shutterstock)

Motherhood is bliss they say. Motherhood changes you they say. Before you become a mother, you’ll hear a lot of things around the topic. Some are true, while others are as fictitious as ogre stories.

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There are, however, some things that are experienced in the first year. Some you may know, while others the experience lets you appreciate in depth.

Here’s a sneak peak of what happens in that first life-changing year with a new born baby.

Sleep deprivation kicks in

Nobody really tells you the importance of valuing sleep before you get a baby.

The funny thing is that once the newborn arrives, you realize that all the nights you spent late when you had no child deserved more cherishing.

Newborns need a lot of attention. Before weaning, they breastfeed it are bottle fed so many times and in short intervals.

There will be laundry to do, more dishes to wash and sometimes they want to be awake and play when you’re exhausted. Consequently, sleeping long hours is a thing of the past.

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Mommy brain is a real thing

You’ve probably heard about it. The truth is that, the mommy brain, commonly shown by your expanded thinking and having illusions as if the baby is crying in every room even when asleep, or forgetting something, is quite normal.

It happens due to your body’s change and the brain’s adaptation to accommodate a new being. So next time you forget something, you’re not going crazy. You have a new brain type.

Your heart will grow into loving hard

For many people, they don’t envision loving and sacrificing anything for others as much.

Within the first year of motherhood though, you fall in love with your child so much such that you may feel inseparable.

You’re likely to feel a sense of guilt too, and constant anxiety about their wellbeing. You sacrifice your time, effort and love this new born so much. Motherhood broadens your heart.

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Postpartum body is different

Leave alone the Instagram fitness goals you drool over, motherhood teaches you that your body needs some understanding.

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Within the first year, your weight may shoot up because you’ll be eating more (because of the breastfeeding) and your pregnancy baby fat isn’t lost overnight either.

Therefore, your postpartum body comes in full force, showing you that you are no longer a lady without a baby. The gym can wait!

You’ll have to be deliberate in reigniting the romance

Before having a baby, the romance between you and your partner can be over the roof.

Once you deliver however, you may not be able to reignite that spark as easily as before. First, your hormones will have shifted all over and toppled the balance in your sexual desire.

Secondly, you’ll be adjusting to loving your new body, and third, you’ll be overwhelmed with fatigue. You, therefore, will need to be open with your partner and know how to reignite the spark.

Countless compliments and advice

This person will tell you this while the other says that. Before you start getting offended by the number of times people stop to tell you the best way to do this and that, calm down and know they do it in good faith.

The best way of dealing with this outward pressure is understanding that everyone parents in their unique way and its okay to be different, but appreciate the sentiments.

There’s a lot of diaper changes awaiting

Poop here, pee there. The first year will involve changing diapers nearly every hour.

As the child grows, however, the intervals may reduce but you’ll need to still check for dirtied diapers as that a factor that gets children uncomfortable first.

The first year of motherhood is filled with anxiety and learning to appreciate yourself in a different light.

The best take home is that you should enjoy every moment, the good and the bad as your child grows so fast, you’ll wish you could turn back time. 

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