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Club Covid’s host Xtaindela summoned by DCI Kenya

by biasharadigest

By now ‘tuoneshe dhambi’ is a common saying among people who enjoy the lit Club Covid hosted by none other, Xtaindela. For a minute many assumed that the show would be banned by Ezekiel Mutua; however since it air’s in the wee hours of the night when most children and strict parents are asleep then why not!

For the past few weeks Club Covid has been nothing but a success to a point that forced Vera Sidika to take a break from her Sincity saturday event. Well according to the lass, she fell in last weekend and could not host the show; however fans believe that she fears the getting bashed for her whack show.

Away from that, we now understand that the owner of Club Covid show has been summoned by the DCI Kenya. He went on to share the news through his Instagram page where he updated his fans. Xtaindela wrote;

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Just got summoned by the DCI because of Club Covid. Currently at the DCI HQ


Offense committed?

The social media influencer did not share much about the ongoing events or what offense he may have committed to be summoned. Fans however feel that he may have been reported by fans he blocked or just haters looking to shut down the event.

As of now all we can report is that Xtaindela is held at the DCI HQ and we are not sure whether he will released today.

Beef with Kamene?

Anyway this comes about one week after rumor hadi it that Kamene Goro and Xtaindela were not in good terms. According to reports, Kamene Goro issue was how Xtain was parading women like objects; forgetting they will one day look for good jobs and get turned down because of such behaviors.

Xtain on the other hand responded by throwing shade at fake friends (Kamene?) who are quick to hate on other friend’s hustle! Well, for more details let us hope Xtaindela gets released soon.


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