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Check out the 9 million machine Khaligraph Jones is riding

by biasharadigest

He is the OG. Khaligraph Jones is setting the pace for other musicians when it comes to choosing the rides to buy.

The OG as he is fondly known loves his toys classy.

Jones is currently riding a Range Rover 2017 model. According to current market prices, the car goes for around $93,634 which is Ksh9.6m

It is said that

A new car shows that you have expensive taste, a luxurious sense of taste and a die hard need for speed.

‘I’m tempted to sleep with my wife’s sister! Niombeeni,’ begs city man

The statement above is a true definition of who Khaligraph Jones is.

Below is a video of his ride

Below is a look at the interior design of the car courtesy of BeFoward.

Below are some of the reaction comments from his fans who are obviously excited by the class the OG oozes.

Wakiona range wanadhani ni mazishi. 😆😆

Another fan adds,

Seen that AMG in kilimani swift n 🔥💣🔥🔥🔥🔥 #RESPECT THE OGS

Another fan advises Khaligraph to go ahead and flaunt his blessings after all si ni mali yake?

Kila mtu akule Mali yake..wasee wa be humble wakule apple….if you have it show it.

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