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JUST BRENDA: I’m extremely bored at home

by biasharadigest

Dear Brenda,

I’m incredibly bored at home to the point that I am writing letters to newspapers to say how bored I am. What are you doing to stave off this boredom during Corona?

Dear Bored Boris,
Sleeping takes out at least nine hours of a day. Try to wake up at the same time you usually would, and shower, and dress, so that you’re not bored, in addition to smelly.

It is not a bad thing to be unproductive. If you are a non-essential worker and therefore at home, take this time to mediate, reflect, and watch a lot of tv. Or read books.

Or call your friends, but not your exes. Or bond with who you live with. Or exercise. Or join Tiktok. Or put all the pictures of the food you made on Instagram. And repeat. Remember – all you’re required to do, is save the world. From your couch.

Not save lives or treat the sick or go to work as a teller or bagger every day. It is a not so difficult job for a very difficult disease. I wish you luck. 

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