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Why most rich kids end up dating or marrying commoners

by biasharadigest
Omar Lali

The question on the lips of many Kenyans this past few days is how daughter to Tabitha Karanja ended up dating a beach boy.

For a girl who was born with a silver spoon in the mouth, many thought she was dating a prince charming.

Ulilala sana saa ya kazi’ Kenyans blame Size 8 as her kids are Dj Mo’s carbon copy

The identity of her boyfriend only emerged after her death over the weekend.

Why would a girl of a class date a man of little/no class?

1- No much scrutiny

One of the major reasons why some rich kids prefer dating people from lower social classes is to avoid public scrutiny.

If no one knows you, no one will be bothered by what you do.

2– Availability

Like in the case of Tecra Muigai, one of the reasons she might have decided to hang out and allegedly date Omar was his availability.

Being a beach boy, he has time to spare and spend with her, unlike someone of her social class.

3-Easy to control and ‘manipulate’

If you are the one providing the bread and butter it is easy to control a relationship.

You can decide where you want to go, with whom and at what time without your partner asking questions.

4- Desperation for love and attention

We have heard people narrate how good in love ‘poor’ people can be.

They are keen to please their partners unlike some rich kids who are busy chasing the good life.

5. It’s said that we cannot dictate who we fall in love with.

That might be the situation some of these rich kids find themselves in.

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