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‘We are broke’ Kenyan men tell Akothee after she demanded this gift from them

by biasharadigest

Akothee has dared her fans to buy her the one item she does not have and which she feels would be necessary during quarantine.

The mother of five decided to share what that gift is in one of her Instagram post.

Most people say they doN’t know what to give me since they think I have it all.

I need this bicycle Let me see who loves me this much to get me this bicycle, now that we can’t do holidays .

where are all those men in my inbox, baby mama needs a new toy I know you can pull this Catch you inbox babe.’


Some men were brave enough to say they would buy her the gift but most were only crying about being broke.

Below are the comments

George Kwedho: Hio bike is three months salary yawa, its close to 45K.

Cynthia Shiro Mash: You know we love you bosslady.

Howi wish i can afford to buy you one but juu najua zitakuja mob, a humble request bless my son with one pliz .

Ngesa Ogola Joseph: Akothee I will sell myself to buy you that bike. You have touched many souls with your philanthropic work. May God bless you.

Benniz Maish: I wish i had much to offer. I could av bought it to you. I usually follow u very much.0 av a good hrt, many are living a testimony coz of ur charitable work. May God bless you madamboss.

Mutembei Kathiari Snr: We can buy for you but we are broke…but may you get through our supplications…

Kait Nik: I have plenty but how will I deliver? come pick at Ruiru bypass

Niclaalat Ndiangui :They will nw go deaf and pretend they have not seen that post BT when you post those admirable thighs for them they’re very active.

Calvince Odondi: I’ll sell my bull to purchase de bike to gift you but strictly in exchange of one car…

Charles Michael: Just for the record. This is a mounting bike and not s road bike. So you need to know what you want to use the pushbike to meet your purpose.

Alex Adalla Jaber: I will give one. But how will you get it?


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