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‘She chose her life!’ Akothee’s sister defends Anerlisa’s sister Tecra for dating Omar Lali

by biasharadigest

Akothee’s younger sister Cebbie Koks has lashed out at Kenyans who’ve been criticizing Anerlisa Muigai’s sister Tecra for dating Omar Lali, a man in his fifties.

Tecra and Lali
Lovebirds Tecra and Omar

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Cebbie in a lengthy post wrote,

Tecra Muigai was still very young. She didn’t deserve to die. My condolences to the family and loved ones. May her soul rest in peace, may they find strength. Rumour has it that the police are investigating the circumstances of her death. I will therefore not delve into issues about how she might have died.

However, a debate is raging about how she, of a high social class, went out with a man who many people have labeled a beach boy ( Sharobaro). In Nairobi, he would be called a chokoraa. Others have wondered how a young woman went out with a much unkempt older guy.

I will tell you, it is not unusual for a woman of privilege to date a man considered to be much inferior. Neither is it unique for a young woman to go out with an octogenarian.

Pernille Ipsen, Professor of Gender in his ‘Daughters Of The Trade Memoir, vividly stated that Although interracial marriage was prohibited in European colonies throughout the Atlantic world, in Gold Coast slave-trading towns it became a recognized and respected custom.

What I’m am I Implying? That we should respect people’s choices and the contradiction it comes with.

Admittedly, the late Tecra’s is not even the most compelling love story. There are many more; love has taught us and shown us so many contradictions: sought to defy logic. I HONESTLY DON’T KNOW HOW TO WRITE SOMEONE ELSE’S LOVE HISTORY. I only know what keeps me glued in someone. Stop It!
When interracial liaisons were unheard of; white men still sneaked out of their wives’ bedrooms to have a good time with slaves living in squalor. A story of an Indian girl who eloped with a Bungoma boda rider; Joseph of the Bible was sold by his brothers, some woman of privilege fell in love with him and therein begun an extraordinary odyssey! Most recent; Is Esther Arunga’s Story. We all know about it. The most beautiful woman to date is unbelievable! In the final analysis, let’s stop trying to understand the contradictions of love and emotions.We are tickled differently, It is blind to age, looks, state of grooming or social status and all forms of statuses. It is enough that we learn about at this time. She chose her life. Let her be! Your desires may not be someone desires.

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