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My husband infected me with syphilis after sleeping with prostitutes and dumped me

by biasharadigest

My name is Cynthia and I was married to my husband for 10 years where we had one child who was seven years old. About six months ago, I came to realize that my hubby was cheating on me with various prostitutes whenever he went out to drink beer with his friends.

I tried telling him to stop but he would insult me and tell me to stay away from his affairs. He drastically changed to be a bad man to me and our son. A month ago, I started getting very weird pains around my genitals and at first I took it casually but the pain could not stop. I went to see a doctor since the situation was getting worse. After some tests were conducted, the doctor said I had syphilis which was eating up my genitals.

I cried so hard since I knew it was my husband who had infected me with the disease. That evening, he came home and I confronted him for infecting me and instead of saying he was sorry, he scolded me and told me he did not want me anymore. I was so hurt by his actions which he did not bother to apologise for.

“Yes I infected you, what will you do about it! I am dumping you for good,” he said as he left. I called my mother and narrated to her my predicament as I was crying and she told me not to worry since through Doctor Mugwenu, who was a traditional herbalist my husband would learn a lesson. I called the doctor and after we talked for a while about my situation, he gave me an appointment the next day.

I went and he cast a spell that would make my husband’s life a living hell for infecting me with the STD. Luckily, he also performed a healing spell and also gave me some herbs that would permanently remove the syphilis from my body.

The following morning, my husband called me and said he was sorry for treating me the way he treated me and even infecting me.

“My body is all swollen up and my manhood is very painful and I am also being bothered by acoustic voices,” he said as he pleaded for mercy from me. I let him suffer for some days for messing with me until Doctor Mugwenu reversed the spell.

Three days after vising Doctor Mugwenu’s place, I also got healed of the STD and I am currently now in a new healthy relationship.

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