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Lessons we can all learn from the death of Tecra Muigai

by biasharadigest

The death of Tecra Muigai, daughter  to Keroche breweries founder Tabitha Karanja after an accident in Lamu left many in shock.

It’s sad and below are lessons we can learn from her death.

1– In life and in death your decisions come back to haunt you

In the past, Anerlisa Muigai had said the late Tecra did not like the limelight.

But after her death, people have unearthed more details about her than they did when she was alive.

2-  People will always criticize the person you choose to love

Whether you are dating a Ben 10, a fossil, ancestor or a sponsor, people will always talk.

3-The dead cannot defend themselves

Before her death, not many people knew about her existence.

But after her death, so many theories have emerged.

Sadly,Tecra will never be able to tell her side of the story.

Unless her boyfriend Omar tells what happens, the truth will die with her.

4. The heart is not so smart

Whatever reasons Tecra got attracted to Omar we will never know.

She said she was in love. According to sources,  he is said to be a womanizer, unkempt and poor.

She on the other hand was well educated, cultured and from a rich family.

That tells you, the heart is not always so smart, especially when it comes to matters love.

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