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Dealing with a broken heart – KBC

by biasharadigest

A broken heart heals when the healing goes as deep as the wound.

On average, it takes about four months to heal from a broken heart, but if you’ve ever been hurt, you know it feels like it takes longer, much longer. Some people say the time it takes to heal is half the duration that the relationship lasted. There’s an actual broken heart syndrome known as stress-induced cardiomyopathy and its symptoms point to those of a heart attack. Symptoms include shortness of breath, severe chest pain. low blood pressure and fainting. Yikes!

Heartbreak is not only caused by being left by a romantic partner but by other traumas such as death and abandonment by a parent. The pain can be so great that it can feel like your whole world is caving in. Getting beyond the pain takes work and most of all time; time heals all wounds.

You have to go through it, not around it. The easiest thing to do when you find yourself heartbroken is to avoid the feelings that come with it and just ignore them altogether. This tactic will only get you so far. You need to allow yourself to feel these feelings of bitterness, jealousy, fear etc. or else they become baggage you carry with you everyday. Feel and let go Your feelings are valid and yo need to take the time to explore them. Though it is unpleasant, grieving will leave you empowered in the end.

Be mindful of what your body and mind need henceforth. Do not try to stop or conceal what your body and mind need but instead be in tune with the feelings or yearnings Mindfulness also means putting into practice healthy activities. These include physical exercise, meditation, yoga and healthy diet. Empower yourself in every way possible.

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You don't suck at relationships. Really, it's not you.

With social media literally being at accessible with the touch of a finger, it’s so easy finding yourself becoming the stalker ex. Stay away from social media for a while. Detach for a bit until you feel yourself strong again. And when you do return, mute/block the ex’s social media accounts. You do not need constant reminders of the anguish they caused.

Do nut rush into a new relationship. This  is a rookie move many people do in order to fill the void and avoid loneliness. Instead, date yourself. Take this time to relearn yourself. What you like and dislike, the things you’re good at and those you suck at. Find new hobbies and you will discover new talent. Give yourself a certain duration of time that you would like to be single and stick to it. This should be your selfish time that you spend defining who YOU are without relying on someone else.

7 Ways to Manage a Break Up and Work Through the Pain

Do not give up on love, it will always find itself back to you. After the healing and the work you’ve done to put yourself back together, pick up the pieces and forge on. Go out on fun casual dates only when you’re capable of giving and receiving love.


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