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Maximize digital platforms to elevate your visibility as you work remotely : The Standard

by biasharadigest

One of the challenges we are currently facing in our workplaces is the lack of visibility. Remote culture to some extent hinders visibility.

You may be working hard, but you see your efforts are not recognized. Whether you company had remote working policies in place it still poses a huge challenge among employees, ere are valuable tips on how your work can make you shine.
Publish achievements
Most companies nowadays have blogs or social media pages where employees can share and discuss insights about ongoing or completed projects. Such published insights give clients, colleagues, and potential investors a platform where they can reach out to you or your firm in areas of engagement. Utilize such platforms to demonstrate expertise in your area, solve problems for your clients and engage with stakeholders. As you do so, you will be building your personal brand even when you are not physically in the office.

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Communicate your failures too
When you broadcast your wins, it makes your boss’s day too. In addition, failures lay out areas you need to grow. Make your failures known to your boss or mentor. It is a convenient way for your manager to realize how much you are learning from the failures you come across. Not only will such instances bring out areas you need improve, they also enable your boss to know challenges you are facing and come up with appropriate solutions. It ensures a ready to learn relationship and that your work does not go unnoticed.
Avoid digital mishaps

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We may not have the privilege of seeing body language and gestures in some of these digital platforms, however effective digital communication is key for our workplaces to remain connected.
Focusing on the camera is key
Video conferences are widely becoming a more routine platform to hold staff meetings, make major company announcements and hosting brainstorming sessions. Where face-face meetings in the boardrooms gave a myriad of advantages for one’s presence to be felt, the context is different from your computer screen. Any seasoned public speaker will always advice that direct eye contact will reinforce what you are communicating. In video meetings, looking at the camera will do this for you. Staring at that small circle may not feel ideal since we’d rather look at the smiling faces of the people we’re conversing with. Journalists, politicians have been doing it all the time.

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Emojis can undermine professionalism
Emojis are meant to express emotional cues and tone in a message. They are very useful in informal settings. In the workplace however, an over pouring of Emojis may communicate lack of professionalism. If you connect with a coworker well, meaning, your friendship extends beyond the office, your Emojis are okay. It is better to leave them out when you are communicating with a different person for the first time. If you have a good idea of how the recipient reciprocates to messages, one Emojis per email is okay. Even though our workplaces are diverse, having both young and old staff, do not undermine your professionalism just to fit in or to play cool.
Typos communicate; negatively
Whether you are in a rush or not, it is best to take a few more minutes to go through your email and get rid of those typos. Typos communicate lack of keenness or seriousness in what your are trying to communicate. Before you hit that send button, read your email out loud to catch any spelling issues that may totally mislead the reader.
Watch your tone
Have you ever gotten an email that made you unnecessarily anxious? You may also find yourself sending anxiety to your email recipient. Before sending or reacting to an email, try understanding the “why” of the email. Tone plays a huge role in figuring that out.  In addition, so many people could be overwhelmed by emails during this time. Try not to personalize it when your colleague delays their reply.

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