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‘We were surrounded…’ How Tahidi High’s Abel Mutua, OJ and Phil Karanja almost died

by biasharadigest
Abel Mutua and Phillip

Former Tahidi High actors Abel Mutua and Philip Karanja have recounted a near-death incident that happened while they were in college.

Speaking on Abel’s new Instagram show, ‘Young and Stupid’, Abel Mutua shared a video detailing the events of what transpired between him, Karanja and their crew from the Kenya Institute of Mass Communication back in 2008.

“At that time, celebrity status had already kicked since it was our second year in Tahidi High,” Philip said.

“We participated in the drama festivals that took place at The Railway Training Institute, where I was crowned the best male actor, and as usual, Abel and OJ went out there and started throwing insults at RTI students because KIMC had won.” 

Mutua added that this display angered The Railway Training Institute students, and thus they decided to block the exit, starting a fight.

“We were surrounded by over 200 students from The Railway Training Institute. That is when they started attacking Tahidi High actors,” he said.

“OJ approached them and boldly asked them what they wanted. The crowd pulled us and I was taken by one, and the other one took OJ,” the duo said.

The situation got so bad that Philip peed himself and as such, it was left to Mutua to come up with an escape plan.

“Things got worse. One of the students from our rival school got into the bus with paraffin and lit the props, bringing the bus down to ashes as we watched,” added Mutua.

Abel Mutua and Phil Karanja TBT

Luckily, an National Youth Service college helped the girls to escape, and after that, Abel and his friends escaped unhurt.

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