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KQ Resorts to Cargo Business to Stay Afloat

by biasharadigest

Kenya Airways (KQ) has resorted to the cargo business in a bid to remain afloat during the COVID-19 pandemic that has seen it suspend all its international passenger flights.

Yesterday, the airline exported 40 tons of fresh fruits and vegetables to London using one of its passenger planes (Boeing 787 Dreamliner) that was converted into a cargo plane.

According to Kenya Airways CEO, Allan Kilavuka, there is a demand for Cargo aircraft across the world, with the main freighters operating mostly in Europe and America, thus creating a shortage in Africa.

We are exploring different options to keep the lights on in the organization. Cargo is one of those areas where we have converted four of our wide-body aircraft to Cargo aircraft. We are also looking at the narrow-body aircraft for shorter missions across Africa.

Kenya Airways CEO, Allan Kilavuka

Previously, on 12th April 2020, another of KQ’s Boeing 787 Dreamliners took off for Johannesburg loaded with medical supplies and other essential items.

The national airline expressed disappointment at the Ministry of Transport’s decision allowing Ethiopian Airlines to ferry Kenya’s Cargo from JKIA to international destinations, at a time when KQ is entirely dependent on cargo business to cash in any revenue.

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