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Coronavirus cases in Kenya at 142, deaths 4, recoveries 4

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Coronavirus in Kenya: The number of confirmed coronavirus cases in Kenya has increased to 142. This is after 16 more people tested positive. The 16 new patients include 15 Kenyans and one Nigerian.

Following these new cases, the government has directed that those who die from the disease be buried within 24 hours.

These new cases were discovered following tests on 530 samples. Nine of those who tested positive were from quarantine facilities, while seven were from contact tracing.

The cabinet secretary for Health Mutahi Kagwe has unveiled a new measure to curb the spread of the deadly virus. He announced that all public transport users will be required to wear face masks when travelling.

“Nairobi is still leading with the cases. There is not a single estate in Nairobi now that has not been touched by the people (Covid-19 positive cases in Nairobi) that I am talking about, your neighbour could very easily be positive. As we start on the mass test we are going to get more positive cases,,” he said.

Mr. Kagwe said that all the Covid-19 cases have been imported from outside the country. The new coronavirus cases not takes the number of all confirmed cases to fifteen.

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To nip the rise of the cases, the government has banned any form of public gathering, including churches and mosques. Funerals have been limited to immediate family members.

“Kenyans travelling from other countries will have to sign a legal form saying they will self-quarantine, this will allow the government to jail them should they fail to isolate. Travelers from other countries are the biggest threat,” Kagwe said.

Kagwe also stressed the importance of strict hygiene in curbing spread of the pandemic. “Washing hands and social distancing is the key reason Chinese cases are coming down,” he said.

The government has also suspended all international flights, and ordered all public transport vehicles to adhere to the laid out rules. Currently, 14 seater matatus are required to ferry eight passengers. The national government has hinted at the possibility of a total national lock down should the number of Covid-19 escalate. Coronavirus Deaths in Kenya.

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