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How to build a three bedroom house in phases

by biasharadigest

Building a House in Phases: If you want to build your house but are limited by finances, there are a number of ways you can achieve it. The possible ways that one can build a house include; saving and building when there is enough money, getting a bank loan or building through the mortgage scheme.

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The other alternative that most people resort to is building in phases. In this article we take a look at how you can build a three bedroom house in phases, starting with a two bedroom house, and adding the third bedroom at a later stage.

The Illustrations presented are two plans showing both phases:

Phase one

A complete two bedroom house, that can be occupied and the third bedroom added at a later stage.

The house has two bedrooms one larger than the other and a shared washroom, an open plan sitting and dining, a kitchen with a kitchen door leading to the kitchen porch at the back yard. There are two ways you can build it building the complete foundation and phasing the superstructure.

This means you can build the entire foundation of the complete three bedroom house as you will need it in future, and then build the walls of phase one.

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This will assure you of a stable foundation done at the same time, and also give you some relief knowing that you will not have to worry about it in phase two. The second option is concentrating on phase one right from foundation to completion and tackle the second phase the same way.

Phase Two

Building a House in Phases

Phase two is all about the third bedroom which is the master bedroom, self-contained with a walk in closet.

This phase will affect the existing house because it will involve puncturing the wall for the new door, which leads to the newly created bedroom.

The existing roof will be adjusted to join with the new roof, and depending on the roof design, part of the existing roof will have to be scrapped off, to make it possible to bring out the final roof. However, when planning to build in phases, it is important that you give things such as planning and budgeting high consideration because they are very important in construction. Building a House in Phases.

This feature was first published by the Monitor.

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