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KBL rebrands WhiteCap beer – Business Daily

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KBL rebrands WhiteCap beer

Benjamin Kyalo
KBL’s Benjamin Kyalo (right) and David Masinde with the WhiteCap lager in the new redesigned bottle. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Kenya Breweries Limited has rebranded the WhiteCap Lager to jump-start growth in sales and position the bottled beer as its leading premium drink.

The brewer said it was returning to the inaugural model of WhiteCap that existed 70 years ago when the brand hit the market.

The firm categorises Guinness and Tusker Lite among its top premium brands with Tusker and Pilsner beers labelled mainstream drinks.

Now, it seeks WhiteCap to be a leading brand in the premium category as it battles effects of coronavirus that has seen the State order a shutdown of bars and nightclubs to curb the outbreak of the infectious disease.

“The new pack also represents a reinforcement of KBL’s strategy of positioning WhiteCap Lager as the leading local premium beer, as well as keeping up with the evolving needs of its customer base,” KBL said in a statement.


East African Breweries (EABL) #ticker:EABL posted a 9 percent jump in pretax profit to Sh10.6 billion for its first half to the end of December.

The company reported a 10 percent rise in net sales to Sh45.9 billion.

In Kenya, which contributes 71 percent of its revenue, it registered an 8 percent rise in net sales driven by growth in mainstream spirits and scotch whisky.

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