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Covid-19: Businesses urged to embrace digital economy  

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Francis Mureithi

By Francis Mureithi
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Businesses in Kenya have been advised to embrace digital economy to absorb the shocks of the deadly coronavirus.

A strategy and innovation tech firm said on Tuesday that the digital economy will discourage physical contacts and social gatherings as the fight against the virus intensifies.

“Although we are faced with global pandemic that is threatening our existence, this might as well be an opportunity to rethink the whole model of how we do business around technology including how we make payments and issue receipts,” said Mr Evans Okech, the director of Kibo Capital Group Ltd.

Mr Okech, whose firm specialises in PaymentGate digital receipts, said they are secure and could be accessed through a link that is sent to clients’ phone after making payments to a purchase.

“The E-receipts are now vital for business like supermarkets that one requires to see a receipt and keep track of their purchase,” said Mr Okech.


The official says that such innovations are environmentally friendly and key in fighting the spread of coronavirus since physical contacts are discouraged.

Confirmed coronavirus cases globally are more than 358,000 while more than 10,000 people have fully recovered from the virus.

However, the death toll continues to rise and so far more than 15,000 have died worldwide while locally 16 cases of coronavirus have been confirmed with no death so far.

Mr Okech assured clients that all necessary measures have been put in place to prevent hacking of their systems.

“With PaymentGate, when one pays for a service or good, the client receives a message with a link that gives an instant branded tamper proof e-receipt showing the name, quantity of goods or service purchased,” Mr Okech said.

The solution targets businesses and is a win-win situation for all because the generated transaction records are kept for future reference.

“Just in case a client raises an issue or would want to return an item, an automated reconciliation is activated instantly by an electronic clerk at no extra cost,” added Mr Okech.

Besides, the automation of services on a digital platform will save businesses huge amount of money on stationery since there are no printouts.

“This will also free up space in the premises as businesses will no longer need boxes, safes and big rooms to keep the receipts,” he added.

The online receipts could also be used as advertising space to millions of clients using their services and suppliers as well.

The tech firm has diversified its innovation solutions and has also launched Tsenda, an automated airtime and electricity token buying platform.

 “All these innovations are aimed at eradicating physical contacts and making sure that social distancing is achieved which will resort to curbing the spread of coronavirus pandemic,” he added.

The coronavirus has seen a number of countries under partial or full lockdown as economies are adversely affected.

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