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EDITORIAL: Court ruling proper – Business Daily

by biasharadigest

EDITORIAL: Court ruling proper

Pupils at a primary school in Nairobi. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Reports that the courts have rejected a bid to bar the shutting down of unregistered education institutions in the country is a welcome and long overdue step.

Owners of non-formal schools had sought to stop the implementation of a directive by the Ministry of Education to close down these institutions. We agree with the court that the safety and lives of our students must always be paramount.

The government would have been deemed to have failed in its core duty if it had allowed such institutions to operate as they wished.

There must be order in the education sector hence the need for schools to follow the laid down regulations. The Ministry of Education had issued the directive following the collapse of a classroom at Precious Talents Top School in Nairobi in September 2019, that left seven pupils dead. What the ministry now needs to do is to work together with the non-formal institutions to ease their transition.

It should review the Alternative Provision of Basic Education and Training Guidelines to ensure that institutions in poor neighbourhoods are not locked out of the system.


It can for example co-opt them by rolling out subsidies for such institutions to cater for the learners’needs.

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