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Top 10 Strongest Currencies in Africa (Updated Full List)

by biasharadigest

Strongest Currencies in Africa: Africa has a couple of strong currencies that are used as a medium of exchange in markets across the continent as explained here.

Strongest Currencies in Africa:

1. Libyan Dinar (1 USD = LD 1.41)

Strongest Currencies in Africa

The Libyan Dinar has always been the strongest currency in Africa. It has been gaining its strength in recent times because of the strict monetary policy introduced by the country’s central bank.

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In Libya, the CBL has a programme that only sells a limited number of dollars to its citizens. Also, its strength has been increasing steadily after the reopening of the previously blockaded oil ports and fields. That raised the country’s dollar earnings for oil sales.

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One (1) Libyan Dinar is equals to 64.02 Kenyan Shilling. When compared with the dollar, one dollar is equivalent to 1.4116 Libyan dinars.

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2. Tunisian Dinar (1 USD = DT 2.87)

The Tunisian Dinar comes in after the Libyan Dinar as the second most valuable currency in Africa. When compared to the Kenyan Shilling, you will get 39.62 Kenyan Shilling exchanged for one Tunisian Dinar. The exchange rate of this currency to the dollar, 1 US dollar is equivalent to 2.8714 Tunisian dinars.


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