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Curiosity is the way to break the shackles of your inaction

by biasharadigest
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Curiosity is the way to break the shackles of your inaction

Every situation ends up being a reflection of the image that we place in front of it. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

People come to work as wholesome human beings. Yes, I understand that we hire them based on their credentials. Their credentials are hinged upon everything else that they are a sum total of; their ethnicity, gender, social status, school life, religion (or lack of), upbringing and even the memories of the food they frequently ate.

These form and shape their predispositions – their mindsets. Their paradigms. They come into contact with others in the work-place combine their mindsets. This becomes the corporate paradigm which gives rise to the corporate culture.

Bearing in mind that the corporate culture is a combination of individual mindsets, it is at this individual level that we want to target our efforts if we are to influence and improve upon the corporate culture and hopefully create sustainable positive end-gains.

Every individual creates results in his or her mind before acting or failing to act. Our bodily actions are simply instructions of our minds. To take control and strategically direct actions to the desired endeavours, each person must understand his mind deeply enough to take charge of all thinking at this powerful point. Everything is a result of an action or inaction. Every action or inaction has an equal and opposite reaction from our environment. It is this reaction that forms the result that we experience.

This action-reaction morphs into vicious cycles if we do not take charge. Taking charge means thinking through the result of every action or inaction before making the choice to act or not. This is what true thinking is about. Anything else is mindless mental activity.


Thinking starts at the awareness that each individual is endowed with unending capacity to visualise greater outcome, hone focus on it, bear in mind the pitfalls that threatened success, develop a razor-sharp 6th sense, maintain a balanced perspective on all aspects of the endeavour, and remain reasonable no matter what situations present themselves. To truly think is to unpack the intellectual capacity that each person possess and consistently apply them to every situation.

Every situation ends up being a reflection of the image that we place in front of it. We tackle it with obsolete predispositions, poorly coordinated thoughts, little or no focus on the end-game, that is exactly what we get back. It is imperative therefore that each individual personify the image of the results that he/she wants to experience in every scenario.

This image if it is to be rewards needs to run the same from our thinking, to our appearance to our behaviour all the way to our communication. This is understandably a tall order for many. It requires a few rather scary adjustments be made for it to be realised.

Therein lies the growth required to move us from one level of success to the next. Fear signifies arrival at the edge of our comfort zone. It is an indicator of the ignorance we have on what lies yonder. This is where our curiosity serves us well to gain knowledge of the unknown and conquer the effects of fear that paralyse us into inaction, condemn us to our comforts and average existence.

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