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Kevian disowns juices dumped in Nairobi

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Juice maker Kevian Kenya Ltd has distanced itself from a consignment of juices discarded at a dump site in Nairobi, terming it the work of unscrupulous businesspeople.

Managing director Kimani Rugendo yesterday said the products under the brand name Afya are not made by his company as his firm’s brand is Afia.

“Those are not our products at all. We have no connection with them. Those are cheap imports trying to ride on our name by using one that is almost identical to ours,” Mr Rugendo said.

In pictures that have been doing the rounds on social media, people are seen scavenging on expired juices ditched at a dump site in an unidentified location in Nairobi, with fears emerging that they could find their way onto shop shelves especially in the neighbourhood.

The images have raised an uproar among Kenyans, with many fearing for the health of their children and other consumers of the products.

Mr Rugendo said there is a compensation policy for bad products, with distributors required to return the same if found to have issues.


“No distributor would dump such a consignment and risk losing money. They would return it to us for proper disposal and compensation,” Mr Rugendo said. He called on regulatory authorities to be on the lookout for unscrupulous traders and take action.

Mr Rugendo noted his products are of approved quality and are fast moving, noting that whoever dumped the juices could have imported them but had no idea on how to dispose of them.

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