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Dating sites put Kenyans at risk

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Kenyans are among the African users falling prey to cyber attacks disguised as dating apps, cybersecurity firm Kaspersky has revealed.

Cyber criminals have been using popular dating services names such as Tinder, Bumble or Zoosk to spread mobile malware, retrieve personal data to later bombard the users with unwanted ads or even spend their money on expensive paid subscriptions.

“Cybercriminals who specialise in phishing also do not miss the chance to feed on those seeking to find love. Fake copies of popular dating applications and websites, such as Match.com and Tinder, flood the internet. Users are required to leave their personal data or connect to the applications via their social media account. The result is not surprising: the data will later be used or sold by cybercriminals, while the user will be left with nothing,” explained the report by Kaspersky.

Kaspersky’s analysis has shown that within 2019 the region saw a circulation of 1,486 threats under the guise of over 20 popular dating applications in Africa, with 7,734 attacks on 2,548 users detected.

Around 10 percent of all these threatening files (765) were detected in Kenya, with 380 attacks seen in this region.

“Love is one of those topics that interests people universally, and, of course, that means that cybercriminals are also there. Online dating has made our lives easier and yet uncovered new risks on the path to love,” said Vladimir Kuskov, head of advanced threat research and software classification at Kaspersky.


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