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EACC sets sights on data-driven probe as it rolls out platform

by biasharadigest

EACC sets sights on data-driven probe as it rolls out platform

Rose Mghoi Macharia
EACC Commissioner Rose Mghoi Macharia. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

The Ethics and Anti–Corruption Commission (EACC) has launched an online platform that collects data from the public in a bid to improve its effectiveness.

The Investigation and Complaints Register System(ICRS) is meant to boost management of the commission’s investigations and legal services data.

Speaking during a workshop for 27 champion trainees at the Machakos University on Monday, EACC Commissioner Rose Mghoi Macharia said the ICRS will effectively manage all complaints, investigations, court data and ultimately generate reliable and timely statistics vital for decision making.

“The system is internally developed by our own ICT experts and it will help in managing data and information … and create efficiency in the commission,” Ms Mghoi said.

The commissioner said the system will also filter out and channel information from the public to appropriate offices where they can be handled effectively.


“The public tend to give information that do not belong to the EACC but other government bodies. The system can pick and direct them to relevant authorities such as director of prosecution,” said Ms Mghoi, adding that they are working to reduce paperwork at the commission.

“We are not saying that the manual system has failed but the world is going digital and we are not gong to be left behind,” said Ms Mghoi, noting that the new system enables EACC officials to see investigation dashboard at the click of a button. In its ICT policy, the commission has stated that it will deploy comprehensive and modern infrastructure, hardware and software technologies to maintain and manage high performance systems

“The commission has committed to automate all its process with a view of improving efficiency in service delivery both internally and externally,” she said

“The commission also recognises that data and information is a strategic resource in achieving its mandate.” In the near future, Ms Mghoi said data-driven investigation will be the way to go.

She said the commission is using technology to assist in financial investigations a move that has eased in flagging money trails.

“This is one of reason why we want to harness our data competence further. We need to collect, store and utilize data to match our partners and overtake groupings that exploit the lack of information and data disconnect to go unnoticed whenever they commit an economic crimes.

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