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Motorists to Receive Virtual Insurance Certificates

by biasharadigest

The Association of Kenya Insurers (AKI) says that motorists will start receiving virtual motor insurance certificates. AKI is changing the mode of receiving the certificate from physical to digital.

Interestingly, the process commenced in October 2019 with motorcycle Insurance certificates. Currently, insurers issue physical and digital motorcycle insurance certificates concurrently.

However, in a change of tact, AKI intends to phase out physical certificates by mid-2020 and fully adopt digital certificates. In this case, motorists will print the digital certificate, cut it, and stick to their windscreen.

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AKI reports that the virtual certificate appearance and details will be the same as the physical certificates. Motorist can verify the authenticity by scanning the certificate via the AKI app or dialing short code *352# thus ensuring authenticity of the document.

The recently installed Integrated Motor Insurance Database System led to Ksh40 million cost reduction due to less fraudulent claims.

AKI beleives that the shift to virtual certificates will minimise insurance fraud by ensuring issuance of only one motor insurance certificate per vehicle. In addition, it will minimize cases of double insurance, fake certificates, and stolen insurance certificates.   


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