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Nigeria Among Countries Caught in US Visa Ban

by biasharadigest

Nigeria is among countries caught in the latest US visa ban suspending the issuance of visas that can lead to permanent residency. The new rules take effect on 21 February 2020.

The extended immigration ban bars nationals from Myanmar, Kyrgyzstan, Nigeria, Eritrea, Sudan, and Tanzania. The ban bars Nigerians nationals from accessing immigrant visa that grants a path to permanent residency and possibly citizenship.

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On the other hand, Tanzanian and Sudanese nationals will be ineligible to apply for the green card lottery.

On its defence, the US says the listed countries failed in their security standards including passport technology and identity-verification. Further, the countries declined to share information on criminals and terrorist suspects.

In Nigeria’s case, the US opines that the nation poses a risk of harboring terrorists such as the Boko Haram militants.

However, citizens of the listed countries will still visit the US as tourists on non-immigrant visas given to people for temporary stays. In 2018, the US issued 8000 immigration visas to Nigerian nationals.

Other countries listed include Iran, Libya, Somalia, Syria, Yemen, Venezuela and North Korea.

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