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Airtel to Double 4G Network Sites in Tanzania

by biasharadigest

Airtel has announced plans to double its 4G network sites in Tanzania. The telco received an operational licence for the 4G network from Tanzanian authorities for which it will pay out more than $12 million.

The telco posted a 7.5% revenue growth in the country, for the period running from March to December 2019, a sign that the roll out of 4G network in November last year was a positive investment.

According to the firm, capital expenditure in the region (Uganda, Zambia, Tanzania, Kenya, Malawi, Rwanda) stood at $93 million, most of which was spent on network modernisation.

The Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority has also allocated Airtel Tanzania additional frequency spectrum at an annual fee of $600,000.

Airtel Tanzania has been authorised by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority to use 10MHz in the 700MHz band for eight months. The licence of 700MHz band will be issued post completion of a total of $12 million payment to the regulatory authorities in June 2020.

Statement from Bharti, Airtel’s Indian-Based Parent Company

Airtel Tanzania Limited is the third-largest telecommunications company in Tanzania by number of customers, behind Vodacom Tanzania and Tigo Tanzania. As of September 2017, Airtel Tanzania had 10.6 million voice subscribers. As of December 2017 according to data provided by the Tanzania Communications Regulatory Authority, the firm controlled 27.1% of Tanzania’s mobile telephone market by customer numbers, at that time estimated at 10.86 million.

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