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Airtel-Telkom Merger Hits another Wall

by biasharadigest

The Airtel-Telkom merger has hit another wall, after the two companies filed an application with the Competition Tribunal to protest against the terms imposed by the Competition Authority of Kenya (CAK) .

The merger terms they are opposing are:

  • The merged entity should retain all workers for two years
  • The companies should not sell any assets of the resultant entity within the first five years
  • The entity should not sell the four frequency spectrum licences and five operating licences including a submarine cable landing licence
  • Spectrum resources owned by Telkom to revert to the State

In December last year, CAK gave a greenlight towards the merger.

In their protests, the firms are now seeking the freedom to engage in sales within their own time limits, as well as cut the employee size to the best fit for them.

In this regard, therefore, the Competition Tribunal has invited interested parties to make their submissions/proposals/comments, subject for review.

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