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Your bills and rent are due? This is the easy way to settle them

by biasharadigest

Paying Utility Bills: The end month is here and as is wont to happen, multiple bills are due for payment. From rent to water bills. Granted, most people can hardly wait to lay their hands on their monthly salary, especially with the long days that have been Njaanuary.

As such, there are multiple monetary booby traps that you may want to avoid in order to settle your bills first before you can engage in other financial obligations. One of the most effective ways that you can do this is by settling your bills first and fast. Traditionally, you may have been paying via the bank or travelling to your nearest mobile money vendor. This time though, you can try a different method that is much easier and convenient.

You can settle your bills via a mobile app, via internet banking, via USSD code and via a banking agency. Take Co-op Bank’s agency banking popularly known as Co-op Kwa Jirani, the Co-op Bank’s Internet Banking platform as well as the Co-op Bank’s mobile banking app known as MCo-op Cash. Apart from settling your utility bills, you can also pay your rent money using these means.

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Some of the utility bills you can meet through these channels include water bills, Kenya Power bills, DSTV and GoTv subscription, NHIF monthly payments, NSSF, and KRA. With these easy-to-use payment channels, you can transact easily and securely from anywhere and at any time.

Additionally, at Co-op Kwa Jirani agency, you will be able to access services such as deposit and withdrawals, payments of utility bills such as water bills, Kenya Power bills, KRA services. If you deposit money through the Co-op Kwa Jirani agents, your funds will immediately start to reflect on your Co-operative Bank account. Interestingly, you will be able to withdraw up to Sh. 100,000 per day at the Co-op’s agents using your mobile phone, if you have registered for M-Coop Cash. If you have not registered for -Coop Cash, you will need your ATM card, which you will use to withdraw from the agent’s point of sale machine. Paying Utility Bills.

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