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Police to take bulk of 1,200 newly leased cars

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Police to take bulk of 1,200 newly leased cars

police vehicles
Leased police vehicles being released in the past. FILE PHOTO | NMG 

Local vehicle assemblers and leasing companies have two weeks to bid for leasing 1,290 vehicles to the Interior ministry.

The bidders for the four-year lease set for execution within the next four months are also expected to provide a list of locally made components and a plan that promotes local content manufacturing.

A tender notice placed by the Interior and Citizen Services State Department that expires on February 12 said the vehicles will be allocated to various departments within the National Government Administration (NGA), National Police Service (NPS) and the Presidential Delivery Unit.

The police service will take the bulk of deliveries at 970 vehicles — 500 units are all-terrain four-wheel drive vehicles of upto 4200cc diesel engine, 180 double-cabin pickups as well as 50 medium-duty utility passenger vehicles.

The tender, the biggest since President Uhuru Kenyatta decreed a mandatory ‘buy locally assembled vehicles’ directive last year, will see 70 light-duty utility vehicles, 180 double cabin as well as 120 single-cabin pickups and 50 heavy duty four-wheel vehicles delivered to the police.


NGA will receive 48 light duty vehicles, 230 double-cabin pickups and 22 luxury heavy duty passenger vehicles while the Presidential Delivery Unit has 15 double-cabin pickups and five heavy-duty vehicles for its use.

Only bidders with a countrywide network to offer aftersale services are expected to express interest in the multi-million shilling tender.

“The tenderer is required to have five dealerships in Nairobi, Mombasa, Kisumu, Eldoret and Nakuru or Meru that will provide normal services to leased vehicles and act as ‘referral centres’ for major repairs of vehicles in surrounding regions,” it says.

Prices quoted, according to the bid notice “must be net, inclusive of all taxes and insurance cover and shall remain valid for 270 days from the tender closing date and time.”

Leasing is fast gaining momentum in Kenya with public and private entities preferring to outsource vehicles, departing from the tradition of owning them.

County governments are the latest entities to embrace leasing of vehicles and heavy machinery in a move aimed at easing operational costs and improving service delivery.

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