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Government’s Half Year Recurrent Spending Hits KSh479.6 Billion

by biasharadigest

The Government of Kenya used a total of KSh479.6 billion in recurrent expenditure at the end of the first six months of the current 2019/2020 financial year. It also spent KSh416.4 billion on public debt, KSh43.7 billion on pensions and gratuities, and KSh1.7 billion on salaries, allowances and miscellaneous expenses

Treasury disbursed KSh125.7 billion to the Teachers Service Commission (TSC), taking up almost a quarter of the Government’s total recurrent expenditure of KSh479.6 billion.

According to Treasury’s statement of Actual Revenues and Net Expenditures as at 31st December 2019, State Department for Interior was second with recurrent expenditure of KSh59.9 billion.

The Ministry of Defence spent KSh47.8 billion, State Department for Early Learning and Basic Education – KSh37.2 billion, State Department for University Education – KSh29.1 billion, National Intelligence Service – KSh19.9 billion and Ministry of Health – KSh18.3 billion.

The Judiciary, which has been involved in a public spat with the Executive over budget cuts, spent KSh7.2 billion against revised estimates of KSh14.5 billion.

The State Department of Infrastructure spent the highest amounts on development, which stood at KSh23.8 billion at 31st December, 2019.  It was followed by State Department of Planning – KSh10.1 billion, State Department for Water and Sanitation – KSh9.8 billion and State Department for Energy – KSh9.82 billion.

Government’s total revenue amounted to KSh1.25 trillion at the end of 31st December 2019, against revised estimates of KSh2.7 trillion. Loan from Foreign Governments and International Organizations was KSh10.1 billion, and foreign grants of KSh6.5 billion.

Domestic Borrowing of KSh514 billion comprised of Net Domestic Borrowing of KSh391.4 billion, and Redemptions (Roll-overs) of KSh122.6 billion.

The County Allocation of Revenue Act, 2019, provides for a total of KSh378.5 billion, comprised of KSh316.5 billion for Equitable Share, KSh22.9 billion and KSh39.1 billion for conditional grants funded by National Government and Development Partners, respectively.

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